Clavichord Societies Worldwide

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Boston Clavichord Society
P.O. Box 515
MA 02454
Tel. + 1 781-891-0814
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Boston Clavichord Society website

British Clavichord Society
British Clavichord Website Home Page

Dutch Clavichord Society
Nederlands Clavichord Genootschap
Tom Brockmeier, Secretary
Van Breestraat
NL-1071 ZR, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 206756882
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Netherlands Clavichord Society website

Finnish Clavichord Society
Finnish Clavichord Society website

German Clavichord Society
Deutsche Clavichord Societät
Johann-Prinzhausen-Weg 25
D-37083 Göttingen
Tel. +49 551-7708 099
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German Clavichord Society website

International Centre for Clavichord Studies
Via Roma 48
1-13050 Magnano (BI)
Tel. and fax +39 15 67 92 60
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International Centre for Clavichord Studies website

Pedalclavichord Foundation
Pedalclavichord Foundation Website

Swiss Clavichord Society
Schweizerische Clavichord Gesellschaft
C/o Jörg Gobeli,
Turbenweg 14
CH-3073 Gümligen

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updated 5 december 2014