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The BCS Newsletter

The BCS Newsletter is sold at events and exhibitions and through our mail-order Shop, as well as being distributed free to all our members, around 150 clavichord amateurs and professionals in Britain and all over the world.

It is printed black-and-white in A5 format, and is published three times yearly, in February, June, and October. Copy dates are normally the 15th of the preceding month, but advertising can usually be accepted later: please consult us if in doubt. Insertions should ideally be delivered by the first day of the publication month, but again we aim to be flexible.

We will gladly send you a sample copy of the Newsletter on request.

Business advertising rates

Back cover £50194mm tall by 134mm wide
Full page £45178mm tall by 116mm wide
Half page £30 89mm tall by 116mm wide
Quarter page £20 89mm tall by  58mm wide


Advertising copy should be supplied as finished artwork.


We are happy to include insertions in the Newsletter, either globally or to UK members only. Please ask us about rates and the number of copies required.

For a small extra charge, you can supply us with a single camera-ready copy and we will produce the inserts for you.

Classified advertisements

Brief classified advertisements (about 100 words) are free to members of the Society. Classified advertisements from non-members cost £5 per 100 words or part thereof. Please include your address and/or telephone number.


All payments must be made in pounds sterling. The following are acceptable: cheques drawn on a UK bank account; international money orders or postal girocheques with a face value in sterling; travellers' cheques with a face value in sterling; bankers' drafts in sterling; sterling banknotes. We cannot accept foreign currency (cheques or cash) or credit card payments. Please make cheques payable to 'British Clavichord Society'.

Advertising copy, comments and queries should be sent to

Karin Richter, 13 Ferrers Road, LEWES, BN7 1PY
phone: +44 (0)01273 473 515; (email)


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updated 22 August 2017