British Clavichord Society Register of Professional Services

Performers and lecturers

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Members of the Society are marked (BCS)

Terence Charlston(BCS), Hertfordshire, England     Email:    

Neil Coleman(BCS), London, England
Email:     Tel: 07793 494841

Ulrika Davidsson, Bohus-Björkö, Sweden
Email:     Tel: +46-31-92 91 85

Bruno Forst, Calatañazor (Soria), Spain
Email:     Tel: +34 628 507 284

Sally Fortino(BCS), Basle, Switzerland     Email:    

Francis Knights(BCS), Cambridge, England     Email:    

Adrian Lenthall(BCS), Bedfordshire, England     Email:    

Dr Anthony Noble(BCS), Farnborough, England    

Julian Perkins(BCS), London, England     Email:    

Dr. Micaela Gutierrez Schmitz, Worcestershire, England     Email:    

Paul Simmonds(BCS), Zofingen, Switzerland     Email:    

Geoffrey Allan Taylor(BCS), Milton Keynes, England     Email:    

Beverly Woodward(BCS), Massachusetts, USA
Email:     Tel: +1 781 891-0814

updated Monday, May 7, 2018

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