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Repairers and restorers

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Care of historic (and other) instruments: If you own an antique or an early-twentieth-century clavichord (for instance, an early Dolmetsch), please take care before commissioning work on it. Irresponsible or ill-judged 'restoration' could reduce its value and destroy important historical evidence. We suggest that you ask to see previous work, written restoration reports, or references before entrusting a valuable instrument to a restorer. You should also check that it will be fully insured at all times: this is of course important when parting with any clavichord.

Peter Bavington(BCS), London, England     Email:    

Carey Beebe(BCS), Sydney, Australia    

John Broadwood & Sons Ltd(BCS), Yorkshire, England
Tel: +44 (0)1580 212713

Andrew & Robert Durand, Surrey, England     Email:    

Edmund Handy, Shropshire, England     Email:    

Rafael Marijuán Adrián(BCS), Madrid, Spain     Email:    

Ben Marks, Bristol, England     Email:    

Robert Morley & Co. Ltd.(BCS), London, England     Email:    

Roger Murray(BCS), Sussex, England

Martin Pühringer, Haslach, Austria     Email:    

Carl Rennoldson(BCS), Kent, England     Email:    

Karin Richter(BCS), Sussex, England
Email:     Tel: +44 (0)127 347 3515

Rumor – atelier de instrumentos musicais, Lisboa, Portugal     Email:    

Oliver Sandig – historic keyboards, London, England     Email:    

Huw Saunders(BCS), London, England     Email:    

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